First thing we must do is fix the move feeder towards the Figure equipment. The guidelines show how to do this, and the pockets are revealed about the feeder. If you should be using it with all the CAMEO, you’ll fall into line these two widely-spaced rectangular holes with the CAMEO’S legs and simply fall the legs into the openings. This ensures the move feeder is correctly put from the equipment.
You can minimize plastic rolls -inch with the vinyl feeder. Just go the best-palm guide of the feeder and arranged vinyl’s roll inplace.

HINT: I have discovered the feeder works best with rolls that have a tough inner tube, in the place of merely a spin of vinyl without any cardboard tube inside.

Make sure to adjust the white rollers in your CAMEO, too. Pull-down the adjustment handle, regulate the correct-hand roller for the 12” situation (one step in), then drive the change lever directly again.
Before loading the plastic, make sure you lean the best edge of the vinyl therefore it is direct and it is perpendicular to its side side. You should use the cutter that’s incorporated with your favorite straight-edge or the spin feeder trimmer.

TIP: I like to fold the leading edge up for that easy feeding it through the spin feeder and the CAMEO. From a throw it tends to bend down, thus only curl it a little inside the other direction.

To insert the vinyl with the spin feeder, location the move thus its top rated explains the most effective of the move towards the machine, then give it under the top white starting (view picture below).
Finally, fill the vinyl to the CAMEO. Your vinyl ought to be totally pressing the machine’s wheels on both factors and also the roller change lever must be in the up situation. Hold the plastic against the wheels while selecting “Load Media” (not heap cut pad).


The next thing would be to cut on your plastic. I applied nearly the entire 12 in. size of vinyl available to me, because my material panel was 16 in. x 20 in.. My layout was resized by me to 11.5 in.-wide to provide somewhat area for that rollers along the tips. You can view how I set up my workspace and Style Page Configurations in Outline Studio®.
• Test rectangle to represent my material of 16 in. x-20 in. (positioned outside of the cutting region)
• Layout sized to 11.5 in. wide (located over the rectangle to obtain a notion of how it’ll seem)
• Copy of style to slice on reducing section of workspace placed
• Page Size = 12 in. x 20 in. (the size things, however, not always the length since we are reducing from the roll)
• Reducing Mat = none
• Verify “Show Lower Border”
• Then I cut my plastic with my pre-tested options (Knife 2, Speed 9, Thickness 8) therefore it might cut entirely through the plastic however, not through the backing.

Basically unload it from the machine, • Following The design has been cut and cut it removed from the roll.With all the silhouette roll feeder you can easily reduce almost the whole amount of the spin, although our design was only about 15 in. long.


• Next, pot your plastic using the land device by disposing and picking out of all-the excessive vinyl around and throughout your style.


Now it’s time for you to implement the plastic to the prepared surface. Since I applied 12-inch plastic, I also employed 12-inch transfer document.

Cut the weeded vinyl design to be matched by the transfer paper.

My trick for utilizing move paper to a substantial layout is always to extend down about an inchroughly of the backing at the top fringe of the transport paper, then cautiously make and push down that top inch of transfer paper for the vinyl design’s top edge of backing. You can peel the transport paper’s backing away from underneath while smoothing the exchange document over the plastic layout when that’s secure.
Make use of the scraper tool to press and rub the full design permanently adhesion, once the exchange document is since the plastic design.

Today position the transfer document and design on to the area that is organized. Utilize a leader and painter’s recording to assist obtain it right.
Once you’re certain of the career, employ painter’s recording at the very top (include more if necessary) to behave like a joint in order to begin pulling away the vinyl’s backing from the top and work the right path along. Push the plastic style (around the move document) against the area when you peel-away the backing from underneath.
Use the scrape again to press the vinyl style contrary to the material section carefully peel the exchange document away because the vinyl layout remains set up.